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Fashion Sustainability: turning sceptical customers into believers

11:30 amEthical Retail, Sustainability and Purpose

Join leaders in sustainability within the fashion industry to discuss opportunities to nurture deeper connections with customers around trust and transparency. Panellists will explore:

  • The more conscious and educated customers that are aware of greeenwashing and what consequences this has for brand reputation.
  • Leading brands have a responsibility on the social and environmental impact of their activities. So how can brands leverage responsibility and sustainability to grow their business? 
  • How supply chain traceability and product circularity strategies around Reuse, Repair and Recycle as well as digital waste, are becoming increasingly popular. 
  • How can brands ensure they’re perceived as authentic and honest in their sustainability claims? Enforcing transparency and explainability. Metrics and UX experiences that make sustainability credible and actionable.
  • How can brands engage individually with customers in terms of sustainability? 

George Barrett
Circular Economy Manager
John Lewis Partnership
William Pickett
Partner Manager
Cecilia Scolaro
Responsible Design advocate and consultant
Borja Santaolalla
Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer