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Supporting retailers on their path to higher standards in ethical AI

When leveraging the full potential of AI-powered technologies, retailers must adopt a responsible and ethical approach to ensure customer and data safety. Implementing an ethical framework will empower businesses to unlock the capacity of AI consciously and respectfully.

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A safe and respectful online shopping experience can only be obtained with the customer holding the power over their personal data.

Customers must be given the opportunity to shape and personalise their shopping journey by actively and transparently selecting the data they want to share.

Brands and retailers have to find ways to provide these tailored experiences in line with customers’ privacy, security, and consent.

It is our mission to set a new tone for a more ethical use of personal data and a sustainable, human-centric online environment.

We pave the way for retailers to support a respectful shopping experience through ethical shopping design and culture.

Leading the dialogue about
AI ethics and data privacy

As an alliance, we explore how to rebuild trust in ecommerce by adopting privacy-first measures in the digital world. While encouraging innovation and creative thinking, we build awareness and offer recommendations for implementing more responsible and ethical business practices in data protection beyond current regulations. 

Retailers can benefit from prioritising moral and ethical values to ensure long-term success and customer loyalty. Businesses guided by values enjoy a higher reputation and overall positive perception.

Relevant information and trending discussions are assembled and structured for a comprehensive picture with insights and analyses from various resources in research, tech, business, and policymaking which allow us to broaden our horizons and share perspectives to find the best solutions to protect the individual's privacy.

The ECA aims to gather knowledge from experts in different fields.


We are a strong network of industry stakeholders who take accountability for our actions. Together, we push for sustainable growth towards an overall responsibility for data ethics in our digital society.