From good to great: Elevating CX with marketing tactics that respect customer data

Nina Müller

This episode examines the importance of data for marketers and the challenge of respecting the individual’s need for privacy.

Who’s our Ethical Ally Guest?

Sonia Zuzartee is an award-winning digital marketer from Singapore with a high awareness of privacy and data protection.


Yes, these concepts seem contradictory in building customer experiences. So how would it work? 

The short answer is that data is so incredibly useful and can do a lot to improve your customer experience. But customers are people, not data points. So with that and the current legal regulations in mind, you take steps to achieve beautiful results and respect your customers’ privacy. 

The long answer is…grab your headphones and have a listen to our conversation!

Nonetheless, Sonia and I do not agree on all points. But I was so glad to have her share her insights and experiences, because it allowed me to understand her needs as a marketer better. Bridging the gap between the status quo of data collection and analysis and the need to protect privacy better is what we’re looking at on the show. I hope you will find this episode as invigorating and useful as I did! Enjoy and your comments are always welcome — email us at hello@ethicalalliance.co.

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