Gen Z calls for ethical marketing that respects customer privacy

Beatriz García Díaz, Empathy.co Academy Fellow at ECA

This episode dives into the close link between marketing efficiency and data use, from a marketing graduate and young Internet users’ perspective.


María Suárez García is in her final year of bachelor’s studies as a Marketing student at University of Oviedo. She’s currently interning at Departamento de Marketing Iberia, a marketing agency for external businesses.

But her experience in marketing does not end there. She’s also investigated the importance of ethical technology in today's online landscape, working for Buendia tours, an online travelling agency, and GooApps, a custom app design company. 

In our conversation, María shares her perspective from inside a marketing department and as a young online navigator, mindful of privacy protection.


‘From the very beginning, the whole thinking process and the marketing actions should have the consumer in mind.’ 

María views marketing as a dynamic process to reach customers in a transparent way, which encourages them to build trusting and loyal relationships with a business, especially when the link between them is screen-limited. Reinforcing the connection between brands and customers with creativity, clarity and safety is key to establishing a successful and ethical marketing strategy.

Basing an online advertising program on your client’s data can establish a smooth base to understand and reach your target audience. However, where is the limit when it comes to over-tracking their lives? Can excessive data-storage become a burden for businesses? Is it possible to achieve an effective marketing campaign completely data-free? As María and I discuss these questions, she points out:

‘Sometimes advertising can be tremendously abusive; being constantly attacked by ads and pop-ups can even discourage the purchase.’ 


The magnitude of data in every marketing action is undeniable. As young marketing students, we study newer subjects, like Corporate Social Responsibility, and examine how company values are put into action. Yet often morality and ethics in the tech world is still overlooked. María and I discuss how this topic plays such an important role in our daily lives and our relationship with the business world. How can we bring this issue to the forefront of every marketing team?

Grab those headphones and tune in to find out!

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