The core values of the ECA


Leverage the benefits of AI to create innovative and disruptive products and features without compromising your customers’ privacy, security, and consent.


Appreciate every customer's right to be forgotten and their request for privacy. They can give or withdraw explicit consent for the use of their data at any time.


Treat customers as human beings and put their digital rights first. The era of treating customers as objects is over. Exploiting personal data is ultimately more harmful than beneficial to businesses as they lose customers’ trust.


Create a conversation between retailers and customers based on comprehension. Customers should be able to easily understand how, where, and why their data is processed. The ECA works towards a clear and transparent handling of personal data.


Foster a vibrant ethical movement that encompasses different perspectives and creates opportunities for better ideas and results.


Provide a welcoming culture that is open for everyone, indifferent of their situations, conditions, or backgrounds. Minimise the effect of biases in AI-powered products and features with domain-specific datasets.


Transfer the control over their data to customers. The entity requesting personal information needs to ensure the sole data owner is the person identified in the data. This person consents to the use of their data in a simple, transparent, unambiguous way and has the right to withdraw at any time.


Become the model role you cannot find elsewhere. As technology and research progresses, so must the regulations around data ethics. The ECA will be kept up to date by being open and willing to explore new perspectives to pave the way for higher ethical standards and safer digital world.